It is almost a traditional food for every Chinese person: dumpling. Actually,it is very delicious,and every family in China will prepare dumplings when the Spring Festival is coming.There are some very interesting statements about the origin of dumpling.

There is a statement that ZhongJing Zhang,a famous doctor, was a chief executive in ChangSha which was a big city in the Eastern Han Dynasty.One day,ZhongJing Zhang found pestilence when he visited his friends,so he invented a medicine,shaped like an ear,which consisted of herbs covered with flour pieces.The pestilence was soon under control  and people would make the medicine which was called dumpling at Spring Festival to commemorate his great kindness.

The other statement is that the Spring Festival was the first day of the Chinese new year.The moment time passed  from last year to new year was called “Jiaozi”.The Chinese name for dumpling  rhymes with “Jiaozi”,so Chinese people would eat dumpling at Spring Festival to celebrate the new year’s coming.


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