One Day Of West Point

One day in November, we went to visit the United States Military Academy-West Point, which is famous all round the world. To be honest, I was even excited before going there, because I had heard quite a number of stories about American heroes, like General Patton and General Eisenhower, who graduated from  West Point.

In the morning, the weather was very good and we drove a car that we had rented before that day. Fortunately it was a smooth flow of traffic and it took us almost 45 minutes to reach our destination- West Point. First we bought a ticket at the entrance of the camp and then we looked around the museum of  West Point while we waited for the tour bus. The tour guide, a humorous old  guy, was very kind to introduce the history and the sights of  West Point.There was a small lake in the camp which was like a mysterious spot when sunshine was on the lake.

Actually the most beautiful scenery was the river bend with the red leaves of the trees, and it seemed like  I was in a world of color to go with the flow of the river. I loved the autumn at West Point and took plenty of pictures for myself.The last thing our tour guide told us was how hard it was for the camp to be established and the war between Britain and the US.

It was an unforgettable memory for me.


The crazy night

There was a cute story about my friend-Jessica, a kind and thoughtful woman.You know she has a habit that she will drink some when she feels happy and relaxed.

One day she hung out with her best friend, Zoey, and bought stuff which Jessica intended to buy for several months and Jessica felt excited and satisfied.It was time for dinner,so they chose a sushi restaurant named Osaka in Tarrytown. To be honest, the food at Osaka was delicious,and there was a good discount for sake. Jessica said to Zoey, why don’t we drink some?Although Zoey didn’t want to drink,she agreed with Jessica. After drinking two bottles of sake,they said all sorts of crap and they even didn’t know how many bottles of sake they had drunk by the end of the night. When they checked out, they found it was difficult for them to walk back home.Fortunately,some policemen found them sitting down by the roadside and sent them back home.

The next day, when Jessica woke up,she couldn’t even remember anything except drinking sake and she had a headache. Several days later, Jessica looked for a receipt from Osaka,and it scared her that the number of bottles of sake were fourteen.she said to herself :w w what? she can’t believe that even now.


It is almost a traditional food for every Chinese person: dumpling. Actually,it is very delicious,and every family in China will prepare dumplings when the Spring Festival is coming.There are some very interesting statements about the origin of dumpling.

There is a statement that ZhongJing Zhang,a famous doctor, was a chief executive in ChangSha which was a big city in the Eastern Han Dynasty.One day,ZhongJing Zhang found pestilence when he visited his friends,so he invented a medicine,shaped like an ear,which consisted of herbs covered with flour pieces.The pestilence was soon under control  and people would make the medicine which was called dumpling at Spring Festival to commemorate his great kindness.

The other statement is that the Spring Festival was the first day of the Chinese new year.The moment time passed  from last year to new year was called “Jiaozi”.The Chinese name for dumpling  rhymes with “Jiaozi”,so Chinese people would eat dumpling at Spring Festival to celebrate the new year’s coming.